• Storage system with ChannelCar from de Man


Are you annoyed about insufficient space in your warehouse? Do the storage and retrieval processes take too long? Has your warehouse regulations lost logic and practicality in the meantime? Then let us make your warehouse processes much more efficient together! de Man has been planning and creating automatic storage systems for over 40 years. Our warehouses are characterized by their high throughput, storage density and availability.

Whether automatic small parts storage, pallet storage or special storage: together with you we develop the storage system ideally tailored to your requirements in terms of space, necessary storage capacities and speed!

Depending on requirements, all versions are available in single, double or multiple depth storage. For that we use our patented and wireless ChannelCar, a system for space-saving, multi-deep storage of containers or pallets.

The wireless design makes the ChannelCar extremely easy to maintain and flexible to use. How it works: The RBG travels along a rail in front of the rack aisles, each of which has several storage spaces for the stored goods. The installed ChannelCar can detach itself from the RGB, move into the shelf below the storage bins and thus also reach the rear storage bins. Due to this mode of operation, in which only one aisle is required for the RGB, the warehouse is very compact. The system is therefore also ideal for existing premises. The investment is comparatively low because only one RBG is required.

We would be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation: 05425 / 9497-0!

de Man employee creates a 3D simulation

de Man Simulation: The virtual commissioning of your system

On request, we can create a 3D simulation of your new system during the planning phase. In this way, the future motion sequences and the factors influencing them can be simulated and optimized even better and components can be adapted if necessary. This minimizes the risk of time-consuming and costly reworking. At the same time, you get a realistic insight into the appearance and function of your system.

Advantages of a 3D simulation: 
- Determination of cycle times
- Execution of availability analyzes
- Exclusion of collisions
- Reduction of downtimes
- Simulation of different storage scenarios
- Faster commissioning

User interface for a storage system from de Man for Hettich

de Man control software: Intuitive to use

Our systems are very complex. All the more important that the operation is simple and comfortable. Our intuitive operating concept enables your employees to operate the system without errors after a short training. The visualization of all system components and self-explanatory symbols facilitate understanding of the processes. In the main view, a clear, schematic representation of the entire system gives the operator quick access to all areas. As usual from smartphones or tablets, all menus and functions are selected with a simple click on the touch panel. Changing parameters and process data as well as creating new palletizing schemes can also be carried out in just a few steps. Thanks to the high level of operating convenience, the familiarization time and operating errors can be significantly reduced.