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Palletizing gravel bundles and boxes with the MRZ 2.1REF32

In our palletizing cell MRZ 2.1 for the company Jens Rosnerski Baustoffe & Zool. Bedarf both gravel packs and cartons are stacked on Euro pallets. In order to be able to transport both types of products safely, we developed a fork gripper with a lateral clamping plate and a hold-down device.

length stop LDM 400 for Window Fashion

length stop LDM 400REF38

Fast and precise processing of rails for pleats with our length stop LDM 400 at Window Fashion AG. The high-precision system is intuitive to operate, positions the stop to the tenth of a millimeter in just a few seconds and can be coupled to existing machines such as saws, drilling machines or milling machines.

picture palettizing with portal robot

Palletizing of buckets with portal robotREF37

The video shows the pre-assembly of a palletizing system for buckets in our production hall. The system consists of a linear portal with an impressive length of around twelve meters, seven palletizing stations, a combined weighing and camera station and a pallet conveyor system with two cross-transfer carriages, pallet and floor layer magazine.

Sorted palletizing and wrapping of product boxesREF36

In our plant for Wurzener Nahrungsmittel GmbH, cartons with different products such as peanut flakes and oat flakes are identified using a barcode and packed according to type in two palletizing cells on EURO pallets.

picture palletizing plant Schapfenmühle

Palletizing, wrapping and labeling of flour sacksREF35

In a total of three steps, we automated the complete palletizing and shipping preparation of sacks with flour, grist and peeled products for the SchapfenMühle. The challenge was the large variance in the dimensions and filling levels of the sacks, which are now stacked perfectly by the specially developed grippers.

Labeling of canistersREF34

In our two MEZ labeling cells for Stockmeier Chemie in Bielefeld, canisters of various sizes are taken from the upstream filling plant and labeled on up to four sides, depending on the product type.

Palletizing with the MRZ 2.1REF33

Our palletizing cell MRZ is the uncomplicated entry into robot palletizing! The flexible and compact robot cell is available in various basic modules from which you can simply choose the right variant. This results in shorter planning and delivery times as well as lower costs.

Fully automatic labeling of containersREF31

A labeling plant from de Man has recently taken over the fully automatic labeling of cardboard boxes, KLTs and RAKOs at Stüken in Rinteln and impresses with its compact footprint, precision and flexibility.

Palletizing of cardboardsREF30

At STOCKMEIER Chemie, 15 different types of cardboard with anti-freeze was recently stacked on Euro pallets by our robot plant. A performance of 175 to 500 boxes per hour is achieved.

Two storage systems with robot depalletizingREF29

Two automatic small parts warehouses at the Hettich company in Spenge ensure smooth warehouse processes. The goals in the implementation were to guarantee production security through inventory reserves, short replenishment times and unmanned KLT handling by a robot.

Filling and palletizing as well as depalletizing of sacksREF28

Filling, weighing, knocking over, rolling, palletizing and, on the other hand, depalletizing and emptying of sacks with plastic compounds- at Sitraplas, it was important to manage many processes as efficiently as possible in one system. The performance could be doubled.

Quality control and palletizing of panelsREF1

At Frisia, chipboards for the furniture industry are rotated 180 degrees using a reversible star and checked from both sides by cameras. Flawless plates are then palletized and the faulty plates are removed using a NiO belt.

Palletizing sacks with flour, meal and peeling productsREF5

The challenge with the SchapfenMühle was the large variance in the dimensions and filling levels of the sacks with flour, meal and peeling products. de Man created a palletizing system with two pallet magazines, a bottom layer magazine and a pallet lifting station.

Palletizing boxes with menu trays with the MRZ 2.2REF2

A robot stacks 18 different sized and heavy boxes with menu trays in the plant for Prima Menu on EURO pallets. Different product types can be palletized in parallel by the two roller conveyors, palletizing stations and pallet conveyor lines of our MRZ 2.2.

Palletizing flour sacksREF3

At Crienitz, due to the spatial conditions, we placed the robot on a pedestal and let it protrude through a ceiling opening to the first floor. This way, he can both take the sacks from the pickup position on the upper floor and place them on the pallet on the ground floor.

Palletizing of bucketsREF4

In the two plants for Haering, filled buckets and canisters of different sizes and weights are stacked on empty pallets. The combination gripper designed by us takes on the handling of the products as well as the pallets and intermediate layers.

Palletizing of packagesREF6

The gripper at Frisia is designed in such a way that it clamps the packages with furniture parts from above through a large contact surface. This is necessary because there are small parts in the upper area and a punctual pressure could result in the packages being pressed in.

Bag welding systemREF8

Our fully automatic bag shrink-wrapping system for Nölke consists of several conveyor lines, robots, camera and the shrink-wrapping station. Challenge: The system had to be suitable for shrink-wrapping a wide variety of products as well as to be flexible with regard to the composition within the bag.

Palletizing flour sacksREF9

Due to the extremely tight space conditions, we had the sacks placed on the filler neck by a separate handling system. A hollow of 60cm for the robot and the almost ground level chain conveyor for transporting the pallets enable a palletizing process with a room height of only 2 meters.

Palletizing at drilling machinesREF7

The finished furniture parts at Frisia are individually and transversely conveyed out of drilling machines and put together in layers. The robot removes them closed with its vacuum area gripper and stacks them on EURO pallets.

De- / palletizing and labeling of KLTsREF10

Specification for the de-/palletizing system for Harting: the implementation of nested packing schemes for optimal utilization of the pallet capacities as well as the condition not to penetrate the filled boxes with the gripper. A second robot sticks the labels precisely onto the designated fields.

Conveyor technology in the clean roomREF11

For a clean room, HPT needed a transport system for packed primary packaging that should be suitable for the transport of clean packs as well as aluminum trays and integrate a repacking station.

Filling of lasagna traysREF13

At least 50 trays per minute, the ability to run two product variants without conversions and the stainless steel version for the entire mechanics were the requirements when automating a production line for lasagna at Prima Menu GmbH.

Automatic warehouse for medical devicesREF19

At 3M Espe, KLTs with local anesthetics are brought to the storage level via a distribution lift and stored multi-deep in the racking system. The ChannelCar is used here, which moves independently of the main device and significantly increases the availability of the warehouse.

Automatic small parts warehouse for fastening elementsREF14

The small load carriers are stored 4 times deep at Dremec with the special feature that the KLT are stored transversely. The single-aisle warehouse serves a total of 2 storage blocks, each with 40 levels one above the other and 23 rows next to each other. The total capacity is 7,312 KLT.

Conveyor line for palletsREF15

A new production hall was connected to the shipping and picking department at Rügenwalder with a total of 168 meters long conveyor line. In the middle of the line there is also a double-sided infeed facility for the existing production.

Filling foam moldsREF16

Increased throughput, high efficiency, ease of use and the greatest possible protection for the worker in interaction with the robot on a fixed workpiece carrier - these were the requirements for the implementation of partial automation for the production of PUR parts at MKG Metall- und Kunststoffververarbeitunggesellschaft mbH.

Palletizing boxes with cisternsREF17

For Grohedal, de Man developed a fully automatic palletizing system with a swiveling gripper, which takes over the feeding and separating of pallets, the identification of the article number of the packaged goods by means of a raster scanner and the stacking of the boxes, as well as the labeling and feeding of the packed pallets to a film stretcher.

Creation of assortment boxesREF20

For Heinrich Nölke GmbH & Co. KG, de Man developed a sorting machine that consists of three cells and does the erection of the display boxes as well as the creation of assortments and the closing of the lids, while being extremely flexible.

Palletizing buckets, canisters and boxes with sugarREF21

We developed a semi-automatic palletizing system with two robots for Nordzucker. The canisters and buckets are palletized with the same gripper, a change of gripper is required for the boxes. A large suction gripper for intermediate layers is attached by a magnet.

Two automatic small parts warehousesREF22

The two AKLs at ABB's location in Ratingen are each divided into the areas of channel storage with a storage and retrieval machine, automatic flow-through storage for manual picking and input and output locations. The storage and retrieval machine consists of a shelf vehicle and a canal vehicle (ChannelCar) and can store up to seven containers of 600x400x280 mm in a row.

Automatic spare parts warehouseREF23

The requirements for the creation of a spare parts warehouse for Hörmann were the picking and delivery of approximately 200 orders within 24 hours, the integration into the existing hall building and the connection to an existing warehouse management system.

Palletizing and labeling of fire extinguishersREF27

For Gloria, we developed a fully automatic palletizing system with three robots that stack boxes of different sizes with fire extinguishers ready for dispatch on Euro standard or one-way pallets. After the stretching process, the full pallets are conveyed to a turntable and labeled on the front and back.

Storage lift de Man EcoTowerREF24

The EcoTower for the Lindner Group offers a height of 7.50m, a width of 2.89m and a depth of just under 3m for a total of 60 trays (2.44m wide and 82cm deep), each of which can be loaded with a maximum of 500kg. The total floor area is only 7.84 sqm.

Automatic bar storage systemREF25

The single-aisle warehouse for a manufacturer of window and door elements offers two storage blocks with 16 or 18 levels one above the other and has a total capacity of 34 parking spaces. The stored goods are deposited in sheet metal trays (tubs). In this way, even small parts can be stored easily, as requested by the customer.

Software solutionREF26

A barcode-based software solution at Agrata Agrarhandel GmbH & Co. KG ensures fully automatic recording and labeling of the potatoes delivered as well as a controlled feed to production. Each box is clearly identifiable in terms of origin, delivery date and type.