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Material flow calculator MFR

Our Material flow calculator MFR is a software for controlling the data and information flows in automatic robot systems, storage systems and conveyor systems. Article management, operational data acquisition and order picking are also part of the MFR's range of services, which has extensive function and interface modules as well as communication interfaces to all common ERP and database systems.

Thanks to its modular structure, the MFR supports a wide range of requirements. The material flow calculator offers function modules, e.g. the packing scheme generator, the control of conveyor technology, warehouse management, picking or operating data acquisition. Each module has its own interface. The interface modules enable the connection of various systems developed in-house and from other providers. The user-friendliness is also reflected in the clear user interface design and clear menu structure. The data from the packing scheme generator can also be viewed and modified by other PCs.

The MFR receives the order data from the higher-level host system, translates it into individual tasks and, depending on the module, distributes it effectively to the corresponding system components. The parts can be selectively processed and the current status can be read at any time by means of parts registration and parts tracking using barcode / RFID.

The material flow calculator MFR from de Man: Extremely flexible, slim and versatile for effective, transparent and optimized production and storage processes in your company!

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Overall system layout

The details at a glance:
Extremely flexible, lean, high-performance solution
Extensive ERP / database interfaces
High flexibility and usability due to modular structure
Versatile function and interface modules
Modular surface structure
Automatic report generation
Display in the web browser, making it accessible from several PCs
Easy installation
Developed on the basis of many years of practical know-how
Free initial consultation

  Layout warehouse

The performance at a glance:
Flexible and fast handling of material flow processes
 Efficient order organization
Order and module management with status
 Data acquisition and management, article management
 Quick access to all order / production / warehouse data
 Avoid unnecessary manufacturing papers
High data security by avoiding input errors when entering data manually
Parts identification and tracking
 Possibility of early reservation of production resources for new and rescheduling planning and alternative solutions for short-term rescheduling
 Evaluation of production / warehouse process results

  Display inventory

System features:
 Loading device management (LHM)
 Article management
 Batch management
 Integration of image recognition
 Ordering process
 Evaluation of reporting stock, minimum stock and maximum stock FIFO / LIFO
 User administration
Control of conveyor technology, storage and retrieval machines, robots
 Additional module-specific features, such as Warehouse management with different storage strategies


View of error messages in the MFR

System environment:
 Runs on all common MS Windows platforms
 Connection to various host systems
 Communication via Ethernet
 SQL interface
 Multi-user capable, network and internet compatible

 Warehouse visualization in "Open GL"
 Modular surfaces
 Clear graphic interfaces
 Clearly organized menu structures
 User-friendly handling


Image packing scheme generator from de Man

Module: Packing scheme generator

The de Man packing scheme generator is part of our control software for robot systems. Thanks to the intuitive operator guidance, you or your employees can create new packing patterns yourself in just a few steps, or adapt the existing patterns without having to call for service every time. So you can react flexibly and quickly to shipping requests at any time and save time and money!
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de Man software developer on his laptop

Module: ERP connection

A consistent data flow is more important than ever in times of digitization and Industry 4.0. Therefore, all of our systems can of course be connected to your existing higher-level ERP system. A regular exchange of production, performance, order and master data for all articles then takes place between the system and the ERP system. All order-related data (e.g. pallets, palletizing schemes, winding programs, label data) are automatically specified, thus eliminating the need for laborious and error-prone manual entry. All common ERP systems are compatible with our control software.

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