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Modern automation systems are generally extremely complex, and the operators of the systems have different qualifications. That is why de Man conducts training courses that are individually tailored to the level of knowledge and the needs of the customer and his employees.

Reduce downtimes thanks to competent personnel: Thanks to our training courses, you can quickly and easily rectify small faults or make adjustments to your system(s) internally.

de Man employee operates a robot system

Operator training

As part of the pre-acceptance of your system in our production hall in Borgholzhausen, the subsequent operators are systematically introduced to the system. After commissioning, intensive training takes place at your site. The focus is, for example: instruction of the operator, the various operating modes of the system, explanation of general error messages and instruction in the electrical engineering of the robot. In addition, there are customer-specific focal points that are important for the respective application. The training takes place in groups of up to 5 people and lasts an average of 2 days. Refreshing or training new employees is done as needed, but should take place regularly. In this way you avoid operator errors and ensure a higher availability of the system.

de Man programmer works on a robot

Robot training

As part of our in-house training courses specifically on the topic of "robots" (for our own and external systems), we provide both beginners and advanced users with competent and compact information on-site about handling robots, robot mechanics, robot electronics or basic knowledge about robot programming. The selected subject areas are individually tailored to your company and your systems, including the robots used - good to know!

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