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Our passion for innovative and perfectly coordinated technology continues to form the basis of all customer-specific automation solutions. As a grown family company, high personal responsibility and comprehensive individual customer service are top priorities for de Man.

That is why we are your perfect automation partner:

The interface specialists: Today, a system is only as functional as the software that controls the components. As control technology specialists, we have direct access to all data streams. Already during the conception and programming, we ensure that later all parts work together smoothly and efficiently.

The quick reactors: Anyone who knows us knows that we will be there in no time if there is a problem. But especially as a control specialist, we can intervene right up to the programming of every single component and thus almost immediately solve any problem.

The general contractor: We offer you a complete solution from a single source, including all subsequent maintenance and services! Great advantage: You have only one contact person for all matters relating to your automation system!

The family-controlled: We are an owner-managed family company and service-oriented. That means we feel personally responsible for the functionality of our systems. That is why you reach us even after work and are certainly not put off by a call center.

The creative problem solvers: We put ourselves in the perspective of our customers and design automation solutions tailored to your industry-specific requirements, including all control and mechanical components. Of course, we use the latest technology for the optimal functionality of the whole. We are manufacturer-independent and only interested in the reliable solution for you!


Tobias de Man, executive director at de Man Automation + Service

Tobias De Man

Executive Director and Head of Software Development

Phone: +49 5425/9497-0


Sebastian de Man

Sebastian de Man


Phone: 05425/9497-20


Dirk Höxtermann, Sales at de Man Automation + Service

Dirk Höxtermann


Phone: 05425/9497-21


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Christopher Mandel


Phone: 05425/9497-23


Michael Beuse, software developer at de Man Automation + Service

Michael Beuse

Deputy Head of Software Development

Phone: 05425/9497-0


Isabell Holste, reception and assistant to the management at de Man

Isabell Holste

Head Office / Assistant to the Management

Phone: 05425/9497-0


Jens Voss, mechanical engineer at de Man

Jens Voss


Phone: 05425/9497-0


Jens Lindenau, mechanical engineer at de Man

Jens Lindenau


Phone: 05425/9497-0


Sandra Friedlein, marketing manager at de Man

Sandra Friedlein

Marketing and recruiting

Phone: 05425/9497-0