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Honey for the Gütersloher Tafel

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de Man donates test samples from Langnese: If de Man develops a new robot system for a customer in the food industry, there are plenty of test samples left. It was currently a range of delicious honey from Langnese, the German market leader for quality honey. For this customer, de Man developed a system that assembles trays with honey dispensers into layers and palletizes them. "Much too good to be thrown away" was thought by the automation specialist from Borgholzhausen and once again de Man donated to the Gütersloh Tafel. After delivery of the system, the test samples that were no longer required were now picked up by employees of the Gütersloher Tafel at de Man's headquarter in Borgholzhausen. In the distribution center in Halle / Westf. the honey will surely find grateful customers. The mostly volunteer members of the Gütersloh Tafel have been distributing food to people in need since 1997. Around 3,800 people (50% of them children) currently take advantage of the offer. The donated food is collected from the sponsors with refrigerated vehicles, stored in a 1,000 square meter central warehouse in Gütersloh and distributed to the customers of the Tafel in the 50 distribution points in the city and in the Gütersloh district. In total, around 100 to 130 tons of donated food come together every month.

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